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    Tattoo Adornment has evolved to a hitherto unprecedented status. Tattoo and Designs are now more creative and vibrant than has been experienced in the past. With the rising consciousness of permanent body adornment to express oneself there arose an ever increasing body of professional tattooists. Some with extraordinary skills, firing a multi spectrum of creative energies and demand for their services. Applying the desired artistic, impregnation of permanent ink deep into the underlaying structures of skin. Such intense demand ensures the future generations of alternative minded souls will evolve into even more fantastic revealings and representations of our soul’s journeys and desires for inked in expression.

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    Images of such a permanent nature must be chosen with discernment, awareness and knowledgable the image will be there for life revealing oneself to all who view. Later regrets may lead to long exposures of expensive, painful, laser tattoo removal which has no guarantee of ultimate success. However there are Powerful, Ethic designed Tribal Tattoos, inspired by ancient cultures. Strong in symbolism, spiritual totems of power which suggest an almost super human quality for those who bear them. Intimating there is an inner, underlying esoteric energy and protective Aura.

    Lower Back Tattoo

    These are evident in the many skillful interpretations of intricate Celtic Tattoo Designs. Symmetrical, intertwined patterns illustrating the network of universal energies which flow through our very existence. Balance – harmony…. nature – spirit….   conflict – resolution, all subtly designed in the indelible tattooed imagery carefully drawn up and applied with empathy.

    Celtic Tattoo Pattern
    Intricate Celtic Tattoo Pattern

    Japanese Tattoos have evolved with a centuries long history. Intricate, highly colorful pictographs carry immense status for the wearer.  Spirits… Monsters, Flowers, Dragons, Clouds, an inexhaustible supply of natural flora and fauna can be painstakingly applied to often cover the entire body.

    Sometimes recorded as contracting their skins to be sold by relatives after death and believed to be a not uncommon means for the remaining family to cover the costs of survival. Similar to the practice of withdrawing gold fillings from the deceased. 

    Tribal Shoulder Pattern

    Pacific Tattoos present a prominent influence on the world stage of the International Tattoo enthusiasts. No more so than in their own cultures where there is a rich heritage of tradition. New Zealand Tattoo “ Moko” is now as culturally accepted from extensive body adornment, to subtle insignia, to facial Moko exhibiting the status and ‘Mana” of it’s owner. Fantasy Art is also plays a major role in todays Tattoo Realms. Challenging the tattooist to impart a sense of life and mystery ceremony in their creations. Gladiators, space scenes, fairies, dragons …..    a plethora of creatures and images restricted by the limits of the imagination only.

    Tattooed Back
    Extreme Back Tattoo and piercings illustration by LUIS ROYO

    DesignYour Own Tattoo! If ones own design and drawing skills are a little short there are many artists who's skills with graphics are spellbinding. They may not have skills with a Tattoo Gun however collaboration with a versatile tattooist between the three of you create unique results, totally personal to the individual.

    The collected various genres would fill a phone book. Here is a collection of tattoo imagery drawn from many sources off the Web. These are for information purposes only to illustrate and educate about the wide realm of the subject and are not intended for commercial purposes.  All credit is given when found.