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    As Dynamic Skin Art Adornment

    Blue Fairy

    Blue Fairy

    Beautiful Fairies and the mythology of Faerie Lore permeate our consciousness from early childhood and onward for the rest of our lives.

    Tales of these elusive little identities abound through the stories of our past generations, passed down, written and rewritten since time immemorial.

    The proverbial Tooth Fairy being one of the first of these often benevolent little ones to intrigue our young minds by leaving a coin under the pillow in exchange for an ejected  ‘Baby Tooth’. 



    Collection of Fairy Tattoo

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    All cultures possess equivalent myths of small people or creatures who exercise a wide variety of magical powers.  

    Fascination with magical energies reflect mans’ inner longing to believe the seeming impossible is possible and these creatures of fantasy admirably fulfill these deep-seated desires.


    Beautiful Golden Fairy Sketch Tattoo


     Some of which are benevolent to the wellbeing of humankind and descending by degrees to the absolute detriment of all and sundry around them, from the benign, to the trickster and tempter, to the outright evil.

    Through all the realms of fantasy, Fairies are a major faction which continue to capture our imagination.

    These personalities are often described as beautiful, often mischievous and the extremes also expressed in words of warning.  We are taught early that to trust such a one is often fraught with unexpected consequences which can cost dearly. 

    However the inherent inclination to believe persists and for many adults the fascination for these legendary beings is no less than it was in their childhood.


    So much so that in todays society the impregnation of colored inks deep into skin layers illustrate the array of interpretations given to our fabled friends.


     Fairy Tattoos of innumerable portrayals are designed from a wide genre of mythology and Intimate Tattoos are applied into our skin expressing our individual personalities.

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