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    Other Cultures’ Dragons

    DRAGONS from other CULTURES

    Of all mythical creatures in the collective consciousness of mankind the DRAGON has precedence.

    An enigmatic entity deep in the furthermost realms of the psych.

    Purple Dragon Designed for Tattoo

    All cultures since pre history allude to a serpentine, semi godlike creature often possessing supernatural powers and whose sometimes greater intelligence is awed.

     Black Dragon Tattooed on Lower Back

    These ancient memories of mysterious reptilian creatures empower them with the ability to fly, breath fire, communicate with intelligence.

    Be from the fearsome, maiden eating demons, through all levels of existence to the other end of the scale of totally benign energies, exuding fonts of wisdom and esoteric knowledge. Normally from Mans' perspective at some heartfelt cost.

    Other Dragons

    Other Dragons

    Dragon Tattoo Designs-Girls Tattoos
    Dragon Tattoo Designs-Girls Tattoos

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    From Eve's beguiling, Satanic Tempter in the Garden of Eden to the always amazing fantasy creatures of today ….

    Tattooed symbolism for the creative intelligence.

    3D Dragon Tattoo on Back

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    Miami Ink Tattoo Artists

    Superb Ink Artists of Contemporary Times