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    Collected Tattoo Images

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    What do tattoos say about you?

    Tattoos are now so much more socially accepted than in times past when today almost one in four people are now inked in some way.
     Skin art is such a strong statement most enthusiasts wear theirs with pride.


    However, as Kat mentions in this clip, considerable thought on the design and meaning is nesseccary to survive the years without regrets building.  

    Although removal is possible and recent laser developments usually efficient, the cost and pain assocciated are often overlooked until too late.
    Education and adequate research as to the most appropriate design for yourself cannot be recommended enough. The perfect tattoo for you may require some time to discover, which in the long term will negate the desire to scourge it from your skin as the appeal fades. 
    There are numerous artists emerging from all sectors of the community. With the broad acceptance of being tattooed as it is now many are setting up shop.
    Some are OK …. others pretty ho hum….   
    For your perfect, dream tattoo don't skimp on the cost! Reseach and find an excellent practitioner who is empathetic to your ideals and design.
    The subject matter is only limited by the imagination…..  Take time, explore and discover that which excites you most and you will find the dream realized. The most suitable artist will be attracted to your vision. Remember not all great designers are tattoo artists themselves and many will work with Tattoo Studios to achieve the desired result. Whatever it may be. 
    Creative, individual art forms, designed specifically for you will always carry a greater personal value and be a revelation of who you are for the rest of your days. Stimulation for ideas comes from a multitude of sources. For Tattoos the immediate attraction is to see what has gone before in the Tattoo Realms.
    Here 'Miami Ink' is an awesome resource for such inspiration.
    Beautiful Body Tattoo
    Beautiful Body Tattooed Woman
    Not disimilar in energies to the renaisance of Ancient Tribal Tattoos which is experiencing an unpresedented revial as the enlightened descendants of older cultures recognize their roots.
    For access to your Dream Tattoos Click Here!
    Celtic Interlacing Pattern

    Of the many genres one sees, Contemporary Fantasy Art is high in popularity. Able to intimately express the essence of the possessor in  infinate subtilties of the esoteric ceribral and spiritual realms.
    Such is the desire for the application of deeply impregnated, permanent inks into our skin. Surface contours of our bodies used and enhanced with artistic flair.  Creative images often hidden for the world to see, or teased by a glimpse, to the open display for all to view.